Provably fair and verifiably random game to seize the prize fund.


WormBust is a progressive jackpot game on Binance Smart Chain. Users compete against the house to seize as much as possible from the bankroll. Play WormBust with WORM token!
A progressive jackpot game that burns WORM based on the house edge.

Game Theory

WormBust is a game that allows players to win nearly every time (besides 1x crash which happens 1 out of 10 rounds). But, there are implications for every move. The users who win the biggest are those who delayed gratification longest, but don't wait too long..

Prize Fund

The prize fund (bankroll) is used to pay winners of WormBust. Holders may earn a share of protocol revenue by staking their WORM/BNB LP tokens on the WormFarm (coming soon).
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